We took Violet Airlines, my partner and I, almost always. They had a great staff, were punctual and the airline food was better than all the other low-cost airlines in India. Unfortunately, that one time, we didn’t get a convenient flight with them and we booked our tickets with Air Masala.

“Well, we are too tired to enjoy any experience today, anyway.” My partner said.

We had traveled through 3 different cities and that was our fourth flight in five days. As we boarded the flight, we discussed our plans to make up for our sleep backlogs. We kept our bags in the luggage space above our seats and tried to settle in our positions. I sat next to the window and he was in the middle.

“Wow! That’s seriously tight.”

My partner is over 6 feet tall and he is almost never comfortable in any flight. That was another reason we preferred Violet; their aircrafts had slightly more legroom for him. Not only was he crunched for space, he was also sandwiched between two seats. We turned to the passenger on the aisle side to check if we could swap positions, but he seemed taller than my partner.

“It’s okay. We are going to sleep anyway.” He said.

Our sleeplessness was a great distraction from the discomfort of the seating. Soon after we took off, we pushed our seats back and slept off.To have not slept well, not taken enough rest and been on the move for almost a week had taken a great toll on both of us.


I was so tired that I could feel my arms, my legs and every inch of my body letting out a shrill cry of relief.


In that state of absolute shut down, I don’t think my brain or body had the strength to dream. And yet, I knew that a blissful dream could hold me tight in the peaceful world of sleep.


The reverie of larger than life creatures, characters hopping around in front of you, when your eyes have locked out the real world, is a great sensation.


“Ok! Who’s there?!” Reluctantly, I opened my eyes. A hazy picture, of a female I figured, was in front of me. I ignored her and shut my eyes again. “Sir!” In an emotion similar to rage, I threw my pupils wider than they were. Her bunned hair, red uniform, high heels and overdone make up; it took me a second in my dazed state, to clear the blurry picture into a breathing body of an air-hostess.

“Sir!” She tried to talk to my partner, who finally had heard the ‘Sir-alarm’.

He kept his eyes closed, pushed the button, straightened his seat up and almost instinctively pulled the seat belt and tied it around his waist. His eyes were still shut. I watched him in amazement. Of course, the plane was about to land, I thought. There was no other reason the crew would wake us up from our priceless slumber. I watched and admired my partner’s ‘almost-programmed’ presence of mind, even when fatigued.

“Sir!” He finally opened his eyes and yelled, “huh?! huh?!”, and turned towards the voice.

“Sir! Would you like to buy anything from us today?”

Both of us stared at her in bewilderment. She stood their with a cart full of Sky Shopping products, a face full of lipsticked smile and a heart full of ruthless salespersonship. He curled both his hands and lifted them up and asked her ‘what?’.

“Sir! Would you like to buy anything from us today?”

The smile didn’t fade away and the persuasive tone of her voice didn’t die down. I leaned towards him and whispered in his ears. “It’s ok, it’s just a dream.” He pulled his seat back and slept off; so did I.


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