“What would keep us happy?” I said.

“Let’s build a f*ing table!” Gopal said.

It’s been over a year and to have migrated to a different country has turned out to be a bigger deal than we thought. To destress and keep ourselves going, Gopal & I began to do small weekend projects last year. We created a Glass Harp, 3 Camera Obscuras and a dessert of Tiramisu. We tried to learn Ice-Skating and around the beginning of this year, took a number of TechShop classes.


We had decided to make a chess-top table last year and to implement the project, we needed a garage space or a workshop. As we pondered over ideas, we came across this organisation through a friend. We walked in one day to take a free tour of the place and were stumped by what a great garage of everything that we ever dreamed of, was TechShop.

It had/has everything from the basic heavy-duty carpentry tools to the most advanced and sophisticated 3D printers. Metal work, wood work, needle work, art work – you think it, they make it happen!

We were inspired and registered for a few mandatory classes based on what we wanted to build – AutoDesk InventorIllustratorCAD/CAM SoftwareShopBot SBU.

We took our last class in the month of April.

A couple of weeks ago, we revived our lives with a new plan for the rest of the year. While we realised we couldn’t do much about it, we could certainly finish a project before the end of this year and enjoy the process. That might be our stairway to happiness too!

We discussed the design on Sunday (June 28) and yesterday, I created something that amazed me. I am an ex-engineer but never in my dreams did I imagine that my rusted engineering design skills would come handy this way.


F1 F2F3F4F5&6

These are bits of this sheet that now will hang in our work-room.




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