GK Foundation

If there is one person we thank from the depth of our hearts, it’s Hyacie.


Hyacinths Pennefather

It was Hyacie who knew that Kavi was moving to Bangalore; It was Hyacie who knew that Gopal  (the fifth) was bored fiddling with his hair all day long; And it was Hyacie who thought of dropping us each an email.

We met in “Xtreme” on 100 feet road, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. To Kavi’s utter surprise, Gopal turned out to be a ‘mellu‘ who doesn’t crave alcohol and doesn’t eat beef. Gopal is just amused to watch the advertising clan party.

Many wonderful bullet dates later, one evening after ‘Styx‘, we decided to stick around.

20th Feb 2011

20th Feb 2011

Wayanad, Coorg, South East Asia, Pondicherry, Ranganatittu etc are just a few among our various travel escapades.

It’s amidst our quest to explore the world around that we found each other.

And since 15th March 2010, there has been no looking back.

Thanks Hyacie!