Travel History

Welcome to our book of travel tales. All the stories and travelogues on this website are recorded after Sep 2, 2011.  However, here is a brief history of our escapades before that.



Wayanad 2010 : A bike trip from Bangalore to Kerala. Which meant 8 hrs(one side) of riding the bike over the bumps of Karnataka roads and on the curves of Nilgiris. We found a tree top cottage and this was our first trip together.C2010

Coorg 2010 : Hired a car and set off on a misty day to the beautiful mountains. Coorg’s weather and food was enough to fulfill the weekend. The golf course next to Club Mahindra resort is something to check out.SEA2010

South East Asia : A trip that was meant to be about hiking and trekking and exploring the rare parts of the Chinese land. However, bad weather killed most plans and it was mostly about looking for vegetarian air and vegetarian food.Ranganatittu 2010

Ranganatittu: Gopal’s first Marathon run began in the bird sanctuary and it lasted a good 6.5 hrs. Kavita drove the runner up to Mysore and after 6.5 hrs of looking for birds and hunting for the missing Gopal, drove the accomplished runner back to Bangalore.Pondicherry 2010

Auroville : An elaborate write up on this trip lies here. In a nutshell, a beautiful spot, extremely relaxing trip and an unplanned test of Kavi’s driving skills. But in the end, she passed.Coimbatore 2010

Coimbatore : Our ever increasing appetite for travel made us buy a four wheeled devil called “Chevrolet Beat”. Within 3 weeks of the purchase, we took the green bea(s)t on a 700km road trip (Bangalore-Coimbatore-Bangalore). This trip was about Gopal meeting Kavi’s parents. Banasura 2010

Banasura Island Resort : A group from Kavita’s office decided to spend a weekend in this beautiful archipelago that rests somewhere amongst the peaks of Wayanad. Our car was among the 6 cars in the convoy that visited this place.Gokarna 2010

Gokarna 2010 : Our New Year plans sounded promising. We bought tents and gears to camp at Half Moon Beach in Gokarna. The trip was full of adventure, of the wrong kind . Two days without a shelter and a shocking incident of racism(a 10-line report of the experience) made us cut our trip short and drive back to the city of Bangalore.Devbagh 2011

Devbagh : Listed in the jungle resorts and spotted by Kavi in 2006, this was a trip that happened in exchange for the cancelled trip to Australia. We spent 3 days in a beach resort that lay on an island that had a river on one side and an estuary on the other. Birds, dolphins, peace and beauty. This trip concluded with a 1 day trip to Palolem, Goa.Hampi

Hampi : An extremely tiresome road-trip all the way to these ruins still managed to be rewarding. While the stone carvings are amazing even today, the town is still full of religious drama and dogmas. However, the Tungabhadra dam and the art was something we wanted to witness one more time.Phuket 2011

Phuket : Zynga, India takes the employees and their families on a 4-day trip to Phuket, Thailand. We witnessed Muay Thai, went snorkeling, watched India win the World Cup and of course were lying on the beach rest of the time.Mudumalai

 Mudumalai : On an unplanned weekend, we drove up to Jungle Retreat in Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu. In the middle of the jungle, we practically walked and lived with Sambhar deer, birds and reportedly wild cats as well. 2 days of living in the woods, we spotted and filmed some beautiful birds and heard a talk on snakes by Gerry Martin.


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